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This blog will contain a mixture of things from Pagan pride, to recipes, to random pictures I love, to natural remedies, to natural birth, etc. Basically, anything I feel is spiritual, or sometimes not so spiritual, to me. I've identified as Pagan for most of my life, and I feel a special draw towards the hearth crafts. Nothing feels better to me than caring for people, especially the ones I love. I practice my craft in many ways, honouring the magick in everyday little things. I create a positive environment in my home where everyone feels safe, nurtured, and loved. I use my kitchen as a sanctuary, where I feel I can best use my talents to help others. I work as a doula so that I may help women through one of the most magickal times in anyone's life. Every little thing I do is an act of worship. <3

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Moving Forward

My husband and I decided today that we are moving on to adoption. I can’t even begin to describe the peace that washed over me. While it still hurts to know that I will never experience pregnancy or holding a baby that has my green eyes and my husband’s brown curls, I’m happy to know that we will have a child. The constant emotional roller coaster over what my body is doing is over. I will still be a mother, and while my child might not grow in my womb, it will grow in my heart. So, now my husband and I are going to begin looking into an adoption attorney, a home study, and a mom who is kind enough to let us raise her child.

Anyone know a mama who is looking to give her baby to a loving home and is okay with the adoptive parents being Pagan?

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